Sasmuan Bangkung Mapalad Critical Habitat & Ecotourism Area

Welcome to Sasmuan Bangkung Mapalad Critical Habitat & Ecotourism Area

The Sasmuan Bangkung Mapalad Critical Habitat & Ecotourism Area (SBMCHEA) formerly "Bangkung Malapad" is a magrove islet formed by the volcanic sediments flew and deposited through Pasak River from of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption on 1991. It is thriven with rich faunal and floral diversity comprising of different mangrove species, fishes and other sea creatures. The area is surrounded with mudflats that serve as a habitat of various arthropod species.

Being the Philippines as one of the East Asian Australasian Flyway country that host more than (80) species of Migratory Birds from wintering countries annualy, the Bangkung Mapalad is consider as one of the hotspot in Central Luzon. Through to its rich biodiversity, good climate and an advantageous location, the site became annual migrating point of migratory birds not only in Central Luzon but in the Philippines.



Covering about 894 hectares of Mangrove forest and mudflats, the BankungMapalad lies approximately at coordinates of14° 56' 19" North, 120° 36' 58" East andsituated at Barangay Batang II, one of the Five(5) coastal barangays of the Municipality of Sasmuan, Pampanga. It is located at the North - Guagua; East by the towns of Masantol and Macabebe;, West by the town of Lubao; South by Manila Bay. The Sasmuan-Wetlands is within the large enclosed sea of Manila Bay characterized by intertidal mudflats